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Book or Home Study Course Edition

Full Charge Bookkeeping
For the Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Bookkeeper

Full Charge Bookkeeping: 

127 Pages, 8.5" x 11",

12 Chapter, 8 Appendices.

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eBook: $7.95 

Trade Soft Cover: $16.75

FCB - Home Study Course Edition

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Trade Soft Cover - Amazon

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Full Charge Bookkeeping - Book Only 
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Full Charge Bookkeeping - Home Study Course Edition
Paperback - HERE
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Home Study Course Edition: 

HSCE = 195 pgs. Including 45 Pages Of Study Outlines & 20 Page Test Bank

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eHSCE: $8.95

Trade Soft Cover:  $20.75


"Mr. DeCandia's 'Full Charge Bookkeeper' text provides the missing link - the bridge between traditional book/class knowledge and actual 'Bookkeeper Street Smarts.' "
-N. Miles., Teacher, ESUHSD 

"It's really a very good book!"     -R.D., Full Charge Bookkeeper

​"Hello, I recently got your full charge bookkeeping book and I LOVE it.  Thanks for making a great guide that's easy to follow for even the most entry level bookkeeper."
-M.J., FCB Student

Full Charge Bookkeeping

Kindle eBook $7.95 - Amazon
​Trade Soft Cover -Amazon​​

A Few of the Many Testimonials


"It's really a very good book."
- R.D., Full-Charge Bookkeeper




"It's good…, right-on and good."
-G.H., CPA & Controller 








​"It's fabulous (and I've taken a bookkeeping course)!"
- C.D., A Former Bookkeeper









"Wow. I'm impressed with the organization of it!
It's very well put together. I can't say enough."
- R.N., Albuquerque, NM









​"It’s excellent! ... It seems to be quite thorough,
which indicates a lot of hard work on your part,

- F.S., Orlando, FL









"Hello, I recently got your full charge bookkeeping book and I LOVE it. Thanks for making a great guide that's easy to follow for even the most entry level bookkeeper."
-M.J., Owner of a Bookkeeping Business    

​-many more-

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"It's good…, right-on and good." -G.H., CPA & Controller​


Dear Adult Education Teachers, 

We offer a one-semester course designed to walk high school graduates from zero knowledge about accounting and bookkeeping - to being capable of holding a full-charge* bookkeeping position as well as quite versed in accounting knowledge for further studies.

*A full-charge bookkeeper is employed by any/all small business, handling every aspect of the business' bookkeeping/accounting - including payroll, payroll taxes, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial statements, and year-end items - just to name a few. 

>Our one semester course is designed to be taught 2 or 3 days per week, for 45 minutes - 1 hour per day.

>The course was written with the high school graduate in mind!

>Any and all new terminology is defined in both a full glossary, and within the body of the textbook.

>Cost is exceptionally low - at less than $60 per student, including textbook and certification exam.

>Certification Exam is the goal of the course.

>Teacher's Edition includes: 

  (1) Teacher's Daily Lesson Plan Outline: with each bullet point covering the material in one paragraph.

  (2) Test bank with Questions & Answers: provided for each chapter!

Teacher Testimonial, Ms. Nancy Miles, Adult Education Teacher, ESUHSD:

​"you have a great product / business going"...


"The problem with college accounting and bookkeeping classes is that they provide theory and test a student's ability to memorize and regurgitate facts, but don't prepare graduates to work independently and to know how to hit the ground running in a small business or to run their own bookkeeping business."


​"Mr. DeCandia's "Full Charge Bookkeeper" text provides the missing link - the bridge between traditional book/class knowledge and actual "Bookkeeper Street Smarts." Mr. DeCandia's book is packed with real-world tips on how to get started as a full charge bookkeeper, from setting up a filing system, and a master calendar of critical tasks and due dates, all the way through performing HR functions, payroll, and customer collections. Oh yes...and the mechanics of journalizing and posting. The online test is well designed and challenging and does not test on minutia."


"Thank you for sharing your secrets of "Street Smarts" Bookkeeping. I am very grateful to have found your credentialing program. As a teacher, I had used a competitor's program for 3 years too many, disgruntled that there was only one other option on the market that was cost prohibitive. Your text book fits into my curricula beautifully, and your affordable certification exam is top notch. Your certified bookkeeper database is a fabulously affordable benefit for my students who use this to market their small business."




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