"Mr. DeCandia's 'Full Charge Bookkeeper' text provides the missing link - the bridge between traditional book/class knowledge and actual 'Bookkeeper Street Smarts.' "
-N. Miles., Teacher, ESUHSD 

Home Study Course Edition: 

HSCE = 195 pgs. Including 45 Pages Of Study Outlines & 20 Page Test Bank

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eHSCE: $8.95

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Full Charge Bookkeeping: 

127 Pages, 8.5" x 11",

12 Chapter, 8 Appendices.

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eBook: $7.95 

Trade Soft Cover: $16.75

Book or Home Study Course Edition

A Few of the Many Testimonials


"It's really a very good book."
- R.D., Full-Charge Bookkeeper




"It's good…, right-on and good."
-G.H., CPA & Controller 








​"It's fabulous (and I've taken a bookkeeping course)!"
- C.D., A Former Bookkeeper









"Wow. I'm impressed with the organization of it!
It's very well put together. I can't say enough."
- R.N., Albuquerque, NM









​"It’s excellent! ... It seems to be quite thorough,
which indicates a lot of hard work on your part,

- F.S., Orlando, FL









"Hello, I recently got your full charge bookkeeping book and I LOVE it. Thanks for making a great guide that's easy to follow for even the most entry level bookkeeper."
-M.J., Owner of a Bookkeeping Business    

​-many more-

Full Charge Bookkeeping
For the Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Bookkeeper


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"It's really a very good book!"     -R.D., Full Charge Bookkeeper

​"Hello, I recently got your full charge bookkeeping book and I LOVE it.  Thanks for making a great guide that's easy to follow for even the most entry level bookkeeper."
-M.J., FCB Student

Take the exam - here   (administered by ClassMarker.com), or embedded below.

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Full Charge Bookkeeping

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"It's good…, right-on and good." -G.H., CPA & Controller​

FCB - Home Study Course Edition

Kindle eHSCE  $8.95 - Amazon
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>Give your career a boost with the title, "Certified Full Charge Bookkeeper" (CFCB)!

>Whether you're in a Continuing Ed./Vo.Tech. class or via the Home Study Course Edition's self-paced study...


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Certification Exam:
>100 questions: all true/false and multiple choice;
>Open book exam;
>No time limit, but you must complete it in one sitting;
>70% exam score is needed to obtain the title "Certified Full Charge Bookkeeper". >A score of 60% will achieve a "Course Completion Certificate".

>Cost: $35 Exam* Fee**.

*Note: Exam Retake(s) - we do not anticipate a large need, but exam retakes are allowed. Note: the fee for any retake is slightly reduced, and the questions maybe different. 

**Note: Individual (non classroom) participants subject to $14 Application fee (which includes printing, shipping & handling of hard copy certificates, with tracking).


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>Benefits include:
*List "Certified Full Charge Bookkeeper" on applications for employment;
*Independent verification of your Certification or Certificate - for potential employers;
*Certificate, suitable for framing.
*Wallet card for CFCB's.

*Self-confidence in knowing that you know this material!

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Q: Is there any other practice Questions & Answers to review, in order to fully prepare for the Certification Exam?

A: Understanding of Home Study Course Edition - Test Bank Q&A's, and Study   Outline for the Appendices will fully prepare you for the exam!  Note: since the Certification Exam Questions are based not only on the content in the FCB book, but are quite similar to the The Home Study Course Edition's Test Bank of Questions & Answers, there really is no need to write any other additional practice questions in order to prepare a student for the Certification Exam. 


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Access the exam (administered by ClassMarker.com), below (on this web page).


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Note #1: if you purchased the Home Study Course Edition (HSCE) before June 2015 (when this Certification became available) the Study Outline that covers the Appendices, was NOT a part of the HSCE. But, it will be tested in the Certification Exam. Hence, we have made it (the Appendices - Study Outline) available free of charge on the Resources & Links Page (3rd item down) - here.


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​Note #2: one question you may have is - what allows Den Publishing Company to offer a certification? Well, actually, there are no laws prohibiting, and companies offer certifications all the time. Microsoft for instance offers their certifications for their products like Excel and Word. (Credit an adult continuing education teacher, and a school in northern California - for contacting Nick/Den Publishing Company about the Certification idea, in the first place.)
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